Advent Devotional

Advent Devotional

Beginning Sunday, December 3rd and ending December 25th, we invite you to dive deeper into the expectation of Jesus with our daily Advent Devotional.

Jesus was good when He walked the earth and He is still good news today.

Jesus was good news in the First Century, and He is still good news today. In the Christmas stories recounted in Scripture, people always responded to Jesus with amazement and praise. This response came from deep longings and heartbreak being met with God breaking in to fulfill His promises, offer His forgiveness, bring His justice and peace, and extend His love.

This Christmas, we hope you will have your own encounter with the person of Jesus and the good news of His birth, and like those of old, let your song of praise resound to the world around you. We know that praise to the Lord will continue for all of eternity, and we want our church community to begin that worship now.

Through our Advent Devotional, we will embrace the biblical theme of Christ’s coming as we reflect on Scripture and prepare our heart’s for the promise of His presence. Each day from December 3rd through December 25th you will receive the daily devotion in your email free of charge. There will also be occasional videos that accompany them.

Advent Devotional

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