Giving to Revival Life Church is an investment in eternity because lives are being changed. Help us in our mission to bring Christ to families and families to Christ. Our desire is to honor God’s trust in us by using His resources wisely and for His purposes. We operate within His provision and recognize our responsibility to manage the resources He provides with integrity and faithfulness. Thank you for your support.

You may give online through Stripe on Planning Center Online. It’s safe, simple and secure – all you’ll need are a few minutes to go through the process. All donations to Revival Life Church are tax-deductible. Online transactions are made through and protected by the secure services of Stripe.

Giving is an integral part of our relationship with God.

  • It acknowledges Him as the giver of everything we have.
  • It reflects our trust that He will continue to provide for us.
  • It allows us to be a part of His work here on Earth.
  • It’s a way for us to follow through on what He’s asked us to do. In the Bible, God tells us to, “Honor God with everything you own; give him the first and the best.” (Proverbs 3:9 )

The Bible teaches us that our baseline standard for giving is the tithe — contributing 10% of our income to the church. At Revival Life Church, we know tithing has been a turning point for many people to experience the blessings of following Jesus. Feeling unsure? Ask God.

When God stirs us to give beyond our tithe, it’s referred to as an offering. You can direct your offering to the cause that resonates with you.