Being Titus

Being Titus

This Sunday, Pastor Carl taught about Christian formation and the life Jesus is praying us into. Teaching from 1 Peter 2, Pastor Carl taught that Paul was concerned about believers’ who detached their faith from the morals of the Old Testament.

From eternity past, God had been revealing His nature to His people through His apostles and prophets, through signs wonders and miracles, through His Scriptures and community. In the days of Peter there was a group of believers who experienced the grace of God without the understanding of God’s holiness.

There was an appointed day of visitation that Peter wanted the people to help their loved ones prepare for. But they needed to understand that sin was messing inhibiting their ability to enter into God’s plan.

The truth is that there are sins around us, sins coming toward us, and sins coming from us and we have received grace from God to deal with all of these, but we have to chose to be disciples of Jesus and to allow that discipleship to be public.

As you meditate on this message this week, consider the following:

Society has normalized sin. When you came to Christ, in what ways has Holy Spirit challenged you to grow in grace apart from the world’s ways?

In what areas of your life have you received grace from God?

Who in your life needs to receive the grace you have received?