Breakthrough Starts with Believing

Breakthrough Starts with Believing

This Transfiguration Sunday, Pastor Carl talked about viewing the word with fresh eyes so we can rightly see what God is trying to accomplish in our lives. So many times we spend wasted time hoping wishing and praying that things would change. We can wonder why we didn’t get our breakthrough. We can pray and cry out to God but if we are not hearing and receiving the word for our breakthrough and putting it to work in our lives we will remain stuck.

The cure to this religious ailment is the presence and power of God. Many times we are inoculated from the power of the word because of our religious tradition. We need to come to the Bible with fresh eyes ready to see something new so that we can receive the breakthrough word we don’t yet know.

Sometimes God lets us go through seasons of drought and desert so we can come to a place of humility, ready to receive the word we could not have received in other seasons.

We can avoid prolonged seasons of darkness by choosing to remain humble and poor in spirit therefore positioning ourselves to believe the word of breakthrough for our lives.

This week as you meditate on this message, ask God to show you something new as you read the Bible.

Share the hope that you have in Jesus with the people around you keeping your testimony fresh in your heart.

Talk back to the voice of the enemy who tries to disqualify you from God’s grace, knowing that your need attracts God’s presence.