How to Get Peace Working : Psalm 36

How to Get Peace Working : Psalm 36

In this weeks message, Pastor Carl continued the “Flip the Script” message series by focusing on how to obtain peace in this world. Throughout history, the greatest minds came up with two general schools of though on how to flourish. The first was Hedonic. In this belief system, hedonism rules with its unabated consumption of vices to bring pleasure. The thought leaders of the day saw how destructive this was to both the person and society.

They moved into a Eudaimonic philosophy where the subjective goal of feeling well was replaced with the objective goal of doing well. While this brought progress, it still comes short of true human flourishing. Both definitions of flourishing are grounded in the self.

To truly actualize our real potential, we need to find flourishing in the God who made us. We can only have peace with ourselves once we have peace with God, and that only comes through a living relationship with Jesus Christ.

Teaching from Psalm 63, Pastor Carl showed how David was able to put God at the forefront of his life and walk in peace through troubling times. By encountering the God of peace, we can learn to make peace work for us.

This week as you meditate on this message, break hustle culture mentality by creating space for spending time with God. Make effort each day this week to make contact with Jesus and see the peace He lives in. Ask God in prayer to help you live in His peace. In response, share a word of encouragement with someone in my life each day.