Learning to be Blessed

Learning to be Blessed

Holy Spirit interrupted our service today and changed Pastor Carl’s message shifting the focus from what the enemies doing to what God wants to do in our lives. Pastor Carl taught that there are facts, faith, and feelings. Our facts are found in the word of God. Our faith believes those facts. Our feelings fall into line with what we are shown by faith. When we reverse that order were like a ship without an anchor drifting freely through a world of confusion and lies.

The truth is that God wants to bless his children but sometimes there is suffering to get there. Teaching from the Beatitudes, Pastor Carl taught that suffering often qualifies us to be blessed but we have to learn to endure the suffering so we can come in the times of blessing. Jesus suffered before blessing all those who would believe in him with salvation. Likewise, Jesus endured his suffering for the glory set before him.

We are to live this life knowing that the enemy comes to destroy us but God wants to bless us. We have to block out the voices that say we deserve to suffer or that we don’t deserve to be blessed. We deserve to be blessed because Jesus died for our blessing.

As you meditate on this message this week remember the questions Pastor Carl posed in the message. When you hear the voices of condemnation and anxiety, who wants you to believe this? Who benefits from you believing this? It’s not you, it’s not God’s plan, and it’s not God.

Make a choice to tell people this week about how God wants to bless them.

Meditate on the blessings of God in the Scriptures and make sure your words line up with those facts.

Exercise your faith and believe that God wants a better future for you.