Life as Worship

Life as Worship

This Sunday, Mother’s Day, Pastor Carl continued the Supernatural Connection message series. Teaching from Romans 12 Pastor Carl taught about the distractions we face as believers. As we grow in Christ we can fall back into adding to the grace of God with knowledge and law. There were similar conflicts happening in the time of Paul happening in the Church in Rome so Paul wrote a letter to validate the believers and challenge them at the same time.

God did expect the believers to live holy lives but He expected that holiness to come from a hope fill life of devotion. Paul changed the paradigm of being a believer to focusing our life as an act of worship. We aren’t earning God’s love, nor are we ignoring His call to change.

But when all of life is worship, we bring the one we worship with us wherever we go. This creates opportunities for the world around us to encounter the living God as we bear fruit.

As you meditate on this message this week:

Take time in your day to meditate on God. Ask Him to show you how He is experiencing the world around you.

Reach out to someone and invite them into a life of worship.

Spend time alone with God. Ask Him if there are areas of your life that He wants dedicated to Him.