Power with Purpose | Matt 18

Power with Purpose | Matt 18

This special online Sunday service was special. With a core group in attendance due to mechanical issues with the worship enter, Revival Life Church experienced the presence of God in a special way.

Pastor Carl taught about becoming a place of encounter from Matthew 18:15-20.

As believers, God has given us power. He has given us His name. He has given us His Spirit. He has given us community, called the Church. And He has given us His word. All these are manifestations of His power. The question is what do we do with that power.

When people use the resources of their employer for personal gain, its called embezzlement. Similarly we can use the power of God to serve our personal needs instead of advancing God’s agenda. Ironically, God promised that if we focus on seeking His needs, He promised to take care of ours. When we only focus on ourselves, neither we nor God truly prosper.

In response to the disciples asking Jesus about who would be the greatest in the Kingdom of God, Jesus taught that those who look out for others would receive special status. And in the teaching text, we learn that those who carry their encounter with God, enable others to have their sins forgiven in heaven. That when we recognize the God encounters around us Jesus promised He would be right there in the conversation.

When we are a good neighbor, we become a place of encounter for the people in our lives.

This week be aware of the presence of God as a spiritual discipline. Be sensitive to the people in your life that need to hear your testimony and need a church home. Pray that God gives you an opportunity to share your God encounter with someone else.