Revealed by the Father | Matt 16

Revealed by the Father | Matt 16

Before the message, we heard testimonies from people who have had live altering encounters with God in this season.

Jesus came and showed the disciples a new way of viewing the world. He taught them to view the world connected to the Spirit of God. When we experience the reality of the kingdom of God, we have to live in a way that we are aware of that and that reality. We have to train our soul to be aware of the Kingdom of God so we aren’t lead astray but the limitations of this world.

We are then expected to bring the rest of the world under the influence of the kingdom of God by sharing the present reality of the risen Christ.

Through the gifts of the Spirit we bring those unaware of the kingdom under the kingdom. This is the encounter that they have so they can be properly spiritually formed.

The disciples missed this the first time Jesus multiplied the bread, but the second they got it. Jesus warned them not to be influenced by the teachings of the Pharisees and the Sadducees but to members of His Father’s kingdom.

This week, spend time with God and experience His presence.

Ask Him to explain the miracles you have experienced in life.

Decide to be an active member of the Kingdom of God by serving God and your community.