Talking Back -The Flesh 2 : Galatians 6

Talking Back -The Flesh 2 : Galatians 6

This Sunday Pastor Carl continued the Talking Back message series by addressing the second level of warfare we face, the flesh. Reading from Galatians 6 we read how the enemy tries to seduce our flesh to make decisions that lead away from life and godliness and toward death and destruction.

The flesh is at war with the Spirit, so we need to master the flesh while we sow to the Sprit. What happens to the natural, unregenerated person is the constant sowing to the flesh.  In the beginning, we have a choice. But our choices become our character and our freedom expands or shrinks with each decision we make. Our choices become habits, that result in our character and ultimately determine our destiny. The longer we continue to make decisions to reward the disordered desires the harder it is to break free from those desires.

The more we sow to the flesh, the easier it is to live a life of godliness and peace.

What we do here has eternal consequences so we must be people of the Spirit.

This week Pastor Carl challenged Revival Life Church to practice three spiritual disciplines to sow to the Spirit.

  1. Tell someone your God story. Evangelism is the easiest way to fellowship with Holy Spirit.
  2. Read the Bible. We are going to read a chapter of Ephesians a day as a community and share what we get in social media.
  3. Confession. The Bible says that when we confess our sin to someone, the prayer we receive is able to heal us.

We hope as a community that you would carry this message of life to the people around you,