Talking Back tot he Devil : John 17

Talking Back tot he Devil : John 17

Jesus came that you may have life more abundant!

The enemy comes to steal kill and destroy.

And the chief way he does it is through lies. We all have ideas in our head about what the good life looks like. The enemy temps are flesh to animate deceitful ideas. As the people of God, we have to bathe our minds in the truth so that we can fight back the lies of the devil.

Truth is hard to find in our society today. In today’s message Pastor Carl read from the verdict in a national lawsuit were the judge compared the defendants to living in a fantasy world, not the real world. As a Christian writer summarized, this was a postmodernist denial of objective truth.

As we saw in the clip of coach Sanders, there are so many lies in today’s society we don’t recognize truth. “We want everyone to feel good, that’s not reality.”

The ultimate goal is that we would deny God’s existence entirely. If there is no creator there is no design. If there is no design, there’s no intent. If there’s no intent, there is no morality. If there’s no morality, there’s no accountability. The enemy fights accountability with the ultimate goal of denying God’s existence.

In John 17, Jesus tells the Father that He has given us his Word. God’s word is capable of keeping us in the truth.

This week, spend time reading the Bible out loud. Let it’s words saturate your heart and mind tuning your spirit to truth. Keep reading until God speaks to you. Write down those Scriptures God speaks through and speak them over your life.