The Key to be Delivered from the Enemy

The Key to be Delivered from the Enemy

This Sunday, Pastor Carl continued our I’m Listening message series by teaching on how Jesus exerted his power over the enemy in Mark 1. The enemy does not have power of his own, he only exerts power that he steals from people who believe his lies.

When Jesus came, he did not go along with the teaching of leaders that did not hear God’s voice. Jesus knew that His power was in declaring the truth, rejecting the lie, and standing on what the Father told Him. So when Jesus started walking in His authority, the enemy tried to lie about His place, “What business do you have with us?”

Jesus was not confused nor distracted from His call. He knew He was on a mission and would not be deterred from His assignment.

While you are living your life this week, think about what the Father has called you to be, and who He has called you to be. Each day, read our the declarations in the prayer and fasting guide and pray with us at noon each day.

When we believe the truth we disarm the devil and walk into our destiny.