The Pattern of God’s Presence

The Pattern of God’s Presence

This Pentecost Sunday Pastor Carl taught on The Pattern of God’s Presence. Throughout history, God has revealed Himself to people in a way that brings worship. True worship is the difference between soulish and spiritual Christianity. Soulish Christianity is popular, makes people feel good, but lacks the ability to bring transformation. Jesus said worship much be in Spirit and truth.

God instructed Moses to build a tent of meeting in response to his desire to worship God. He built the tent, sanctified it, and the glory of God settled in the tent. This is the pattern that is repeated throughout the Bible. First people desire to serve God. They build a place for God in the world. They make a sacrifice. Then God’s presence becomes a witness to the world.

This is what happened when Solomon built the temple. And it’s what happened on the day of Pentecost. But in this new covenant we the church are the temple of God. God responds to our desire to serve Him and our efforts to build a place for Him. We sacrifice our lives to be with Him and He fills us with His presence in a way that the world can see.

At the end of service we made time for God to move and we had  a supernatural time connecting with God.

As you meditate on this message this week consider the following:

Are there areas of your life God is wanting you to surrender?

Have you gotten caught up in “project me” and forgotten that Jesus is the center of life for Christians? Spend disciplined time focusing on God and His desire for the world.

Allow Holy Spirit to move through you by sharing the hope you have in Jesus with someone away from God this week.

Life as Worship