The Prophetic Community

The Prophetic Community

This message looks at life of Mary, specifically the story of the annunciation as narrated by Luke on the first chapter of his gospel. With the intention of learning from Mary’s being pregnant with The Word with a focus on how to become a prophetic community, not in the sense of personal prophecy, but how the community can be a place where God is at work, and the community, just like Mary, needs to protect and share that work of God to be faithful to it.

Starting with verse 26 of Luke 1, we were able to see how listening to God could be something that brings us some kind of unsettledness. This is totally ok unless we allow it to prevent us from receiving the word, which, looking at Mary we see she was able to overcome that unsettledness to allow the work of God in her own life. The same way we progress in the text we are able witness how Mary embraced the discomforts that comes with pregnancy. This fact suggests to us that to be a prophetic community we need to accept the discomforts that will come as we carry God’s work on our midst.

We also see how the angel told Mary about another miracle God was doing, but now in her cousin Elizabeth, making evident to us as a community that God’s work brings people together. Mary runs to Elizabeth, probably looking for confirmation and consolation, and what she finds is Elizabeth being filled by the Holly Spirit and the baby leaping in her womb. Here we learn how sometimes, by going to others with a need, we bless them, and out of the blessing comes out worship through our lives just like we see on the last verses of this passages (verses 46-56). Finally, we see in verse 56 how important if for us as a prophetic community to understand the time of being away, knowing that if we stay longer we might interfere with the process happening on each other’s live.

As you meditate on this message this week consider the following:

  • Believe that the Lord is doing a work ono your live.
  • Accept changes and get out of the comfort zone
  • Don’t isolate yourself, share what God has done.
  • Accept that God’s work is bigger than we can imagine or ask for.