There are Level to This Walk

There are Level to This Walk

Before the message God the Holy Spirit began to move in our service causing many to be drawn close to the Lord in a precious way. It was a supernatural time that is hard to articulate in words as often happens when we corporately encounter God.

This Sunday we continued out Supernatural Connection message series by studying the promise of rest Jesus gave us. There are many ways the world wants us to view progress but Jesus showed that progress is measured by our heart posture toward our neighbors.

Teaching rom Matthew 11:28-30, Pastor Carl showed three way points of maturity on our spiritual journey.

The first way point given was the experience of discovering that Jesus is Lord and deciding to follow His instruction. In this first phase we follow this new law for our live and become obedient followers of Jesus. We learn to pray, fast and give. We discover the need to attend church and serve.

The second way point is reached when we discover that Jesus is not just a set of lifestyle changes but a call to emulate Christ. Instead of rules to follow we have a new goal, to be observant disciples. Jesus said for us to learn from Him because He is gentle and humble. The discipleship process turns inward and we allow Holy Spirit to work on our hearts.

In the third phase, we discover two things, Jesus has a definition of human flourishing and He desires that we live that life of abundance. This happens when we surrender our life fully to Christ and allow Him to define the contours of our life’s purpose and power.

As you meditate on this message this week consider the following:

Where are you on this inward journey with Jesus?

How can you further surrender to His definition of flourishing?

Who does Jesus have in your life that needs to hear the Good News of Jesus?