This Sunday Pastor Carl talked about why we worship. We sing because we know who to thank. It is the revelation the Jesus is Lord that brings salvation and connects us to the creator of the universe. We have a God who is active in our lives and is worthy of praise. We sing as a way of connecting with God and recognizing that He is good.

We sing to live in the truth when all the signs point to a lie. The truth is that God is good and He has good plans for our lives. When the whole world looks dark we praise so we can inhabit the last where Jesus is king and our hope returns. When we are hopeless, having no plan and no power to change our circumstances, worshiping God connects us to the God who has a plan and all the power to see it come to pass.

We sing to make the power of the future present in our lives. Through worship we inhabit the better future that God has for us.

While you live your life this week think about the following:

How can you chose to spend more time worshiping God this week? Maybe while doing household chores or commuting?

When you get down, choose to worship instead of meditating on what might go wrong.

Take a look at the people in your life. Do they worship God or are they living without a higher purpose? Pray that you would have an opportunity to share with our reason to be thankful.